Premarin lawsuit

This class action is settled and is now accepting claims. If you believe you are a candidate - please read below.

Premarin is conjugated estrogen produced by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. Conjugated estrogen such as Premarin was first marketed in Canada in 1941. It became widely used in the 1960s. An estrogen plus progestin regimen became widespread in the late 1970s when hormone therapy added a progestin (a synthetic form of progesterone) to estrogen to counter an increased risk of endometrial cancer associated with taking estrogen alone. Premarin and Premplus are prescribed to women to treat the symptoms of menopause and are known as hormone replacement therapy (“HRT”).

The Premarin lawsuit alleges that prolonged use of HRT drugs carries an increased risk of serious health issues.

This class action has been settled and is approved by the court - Notice Of Settlement Approval

You can view the Premarin Settlement Agreement HERE, and the Addendum to the Settlement Agreement HERE. These documents are written for the court and are quite complicated and hard to comprehend.

The Optio Group can help you understand the Premarin Class Action Settlement, help you determine if you are eligible, and we can help you obtain your critical medical records and prepare your Claim.

The eligibility criteria is defined and has strict conditions that must be met to be eligible for an award. Click HERE for a checklist to help determine if you are a potential claimant.

This National action represents claimants across Canada. In accordance with the settlement by the BC Supreme Court:
  • BC residents who believe they are candidates should now prepare to make a claim.
  • Candidates from other provinces must have ‘opted in’ to participate in this action – the deadline for opting in has passed (October 10, 2014). To opt in you must complete, sign and submit an opt in form to the Class Counsel. If you are from outside BC and did not opt-in, unfortunately you are not eligible to be a claimant in this action.

If you are eligible, you should now prepare to submit your claim for an award in this action.

Contact The Optio Group for more information and for assistance with preparing your claim.