Current Class Action Lawsuits

The class action litigation field is constantly changing. Here are some class action lawsuit cases we are monitoring in Canada. All have been Certified meaning passed the initial critical stage of litigation. Settled cases are indicated and require immediate action - contact us ASAP if you believe you are a potential candidate.

Settled lawsuits are indicated by "**". If you are a potential candidate you MUST take action immediately.

Class action (click for details) Description Claim/Allegation
Premarin Lawsuit ** Hormone Replacement Therapy
Breast Cancer
Fosamax Lawsuit ** Osteoporosis Gastrointestingal tract inflammation or malfunction
Dermalive Lawsuit ** Cosmetic filler (for treating wrinkles) Causes granulomas - a potentially dangerous inflammation
Champix Lawsuit Smoking cessation Behaviour impact
Medtronic Defibrillator Lawsuit Defibrillator Negligent design
Depo-Provera Lawsuit Birth control bone density loss
Depuy Lawsuit ASR Hip Implant Negligent design
DonJoy Pain Pumps Lawsuit Pain management Loss of cartilage (chrondrolysis)
Durom Cup - Zimmer Lawsuit Hip implant Failure to adhere to bone
Medtronic Sprint Lawsuit Sprint Fidelis Leads Negligence - Potential Conductor Fractures
Wright Profemur Lawsuit Profemur Hip Implant Premature fracture
Guidant Pacemaker Lawsuit Pacemaker Defective design, negligence
Paxil Lawsuit Anxiety, PTSD Possible birth defects
Propecia - Proscar Lawsuit Hair Loss Sexual dysfunction, depression
Vitek/Proplast Lawsuit TJM implants Breach of fudiciary duty - Health Canada
Yasmin or Yaz LawsuitOral contraceptiveIncreased risk of health issues