Giving back

The Optio Group believe that the heart of healthcare lies in service to others. We are active social leaders, mentors, entrepreneurs and teachers.  We tirelessly educate the public, healthcare providers, nursing and medical students and the legal community on ways to improve patient safety.

We are actively involved in the professional associations and national and provincial bodies that govern the proud career of nursing.  We are commited to maintaining a professional, ethical and confidential work environment that is consistent with the healthcare standards of practice.

Our forward thinking service delivery allows us to hire the best people and offer the best service anywhere in the world.  We are currently working on initiatives to improve access to justice and patient safety in Jamaica with plans to expand to other developing countries. 

We also generously support numerous charities and sit on boards of charitable organizations. Our major beneficiaries include the Canadian Cancer Society and the Muscular Dystrophy Society. 


Canadian Nurses Association   WEConnect      LNCAC  

 American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants        .  Women's President Association