The Optio Group is a new evolutionary service - the first of it's kind in Canada. We are extremely proud of our reputation for caring and compassion. And spending the time so clients feel heard, respected and valued.

“I recently used the services of The Optio Group to file a class action lawsuit against a very well known pharmaceutical company. It was an extremely refreshing surprise to deal with a firm that is so caring, efficient, and completely professional at all times. Erin, who was my contact person through all this, was honestly concerned, and did her utmost in every way to help this process along. There is nothing negative about this firm. They are a pleasure to deal with, and I think that is really rare today. Just honest, hardworking, and very results driven. I will be getting a settlement very shortly, thanks to their hard work ! ” - Claudette - Montreal

“ I was feeling very overwhelmed until now.  I had no idea how to do this on my own” – Sophia

"As a person who was injured by adverse effects from a medication, I was very grateful for the help from The Optio Group to facilitate my participation in the legal action for compensation from the pharmaceutical company responsible for the marketing and production of the medication. My representative, Erin, was very helpful in explaining the process and identifying the forms and details required for the class action legal process. Throughout the long duration of the proceedings, Erin gave me updates and answered my questions regarding timelines and milestones with the legal action. The Optio Group was very helpful to me by making the process understandable and ensuring that I had completed the required paperwork. They were also very helpful in dealing with the various legal teams and answering their questions on my behalf. I am happy to recommend the Optio Group as a very helpful partner in a complex medical claims case." - Doug (physician)

“Thank you for listening.  You have been very kind.” - Joanne

"I wish to thank Erin and the staff at The Optio Group for their diligence in their efforts to process the Vioxx claim on my behalf. Erin has always been courteous, encouraging throughout this arduous process and her efforts are very much appreciated." - Anne

“I have learned more in the 30 minutes speaking with you, than I did searching the internet for the last 10 years.”- Gerry

“Thank you for enlightening me and listening.  Someone needs to be a helping hand to the people this drug has harmed.  I am behind your service 100%” - Mary

"This is a really important service you provide." -- Editor of a major senior's newspaper