What it costs

The amount of money you can receive for the class action has been decided by the courts. 

At the Optio Group, our charges are less than law firms charge - up to 50% less. The percentage charged is based on the complexity of the claim - the more complex, the more work it takes for us to prepare your claim. This is similar to just about everything else you pay for - a mechanic, renovations, and in fact, most legal services. Because we only get paid if you get paid, we are motivated to ensure that your claim is strong and undisputable.

A law firm can charge as much as 35% of your award, plus taxes and disbursements to submit your Claim Package. Our charge is 20%.   

Our cost of doing business is much lower than it is for a law firm.  Our staff is primarily nurses and other healthcare professionals, and we use technology to keep our costs, and your fees, as low as we reasonably can.

We will ask you for a retainer of $500 to get started.  We are not a law firm and we don’t have deep pockets. The deposit gives us the ability to offer our services at a discounted rate. It also establishes your commitment to work together with us to ensure that your forms are completed accurately and on time. The retainer can be paid by Visa, Mastercard or cheque and the funds will be returned to you when you receive your award.