What we do

The Optio Group can help you if you are a potential candidate for a medical related class action claim.

We are very familiar with medical related class action lawsuits having worked on numbers of them for Canadian and U.S. law firms.  These actions can take years as they go through a lengthy litigation process. And it can be confusing what you - as a potential claimant - need to do to ensure you are included as a possible participant.

Class actions are different from a normal lawsuit, as your eligibility as a claimant may not be able to be determined until the class action is 'settled'.  Only after a final Settlement Agreement is done can it be determined who is eligible - as this is where the eligibility criteria is defined and agreed to.  (For a detailed explanation of the class action process, see our Questions page).

Regardless, there are steps that you should do to ensure you are prepared to act as the lawsuit proceeds. That is where we can help.
  • Contact The Optio Group at 1.855.939.0499 to speak with one of our healthcare professionals. We will quickly determine if you are potentially a candidate for an award
  • If you are, we will document some detailed personal and medical information and send you an information package to help you prepare
  • We will monitor the lawsuit as it proceeds, and will advise you of progress. Should the action take an extended amount of time, we may advise you to start collecting your medical records related to your diagnosis and treatment
  • Should the action be settled, we will examine the settlement criteria in detail, and can determine your potential eligibility 
  • If we feel you are potentially eligible for a claim (usually a money award), we will collect a small retainer to establish our mutual commitment to work together with you to successfully complete your claim. We will need your commitment to help acquire the necessary information and documentation to prove your claim. 
  • We will review any medical records you have collected and acquire the remaining records required for your claim. 
  • We will send you the documents needed to start processing your claim
  • We take your information, and records and the applicable claims forms and create a Claims Package used to formally apply for a class action claim
Medical class action is what we do. Our nurses are highly specialized and will ensure your Claim Package is completed accurately. Nurses are the creators and caretakers of medical records. We use this expertise to carefully harvest the critical information required so that you are fairly and accurately represented.  We’ll use all of the professionalism, confidentiality, integrity and caring that nurses bring to their profession in our role as your representative.

We want to improve access to justice for people like you.  In fact, the word ‘optio’ is Latin for “the right of the hero to choose their reward”.  You have fought a long, hard battle.  We understand that. Now we’re here to help you collect your reward so that you can get on with your life.