What we do

The legal work is done and the class action is settled. Now how do you get the money the court has determined you deserve? With the Optio Group, you’ll never have to go to a lawyer to apply for a claim.  We will help you complete and submit the claims form. Here's how:
  • Contact The Optio Group at 1.855.939.0499 to speak with one of our healthcare professionals. We will quickly determine if you are likely a candidate for an award
  • If you are, we will document some detailed personal and medical information
  • We will collect a small retainer to establish our mutual commitment to work together with you to successfully complete your claim
  • We will acquire the physician, hospital and pharmacy records required for your claim 
  • We will send you the documents needed to start processing your claim
  • Then our work begins. 
Medical class action is all we do. Our nurses are highly specialized and will ensure your Claim Package is completed accurately. Nurses are the creators and caretakers of medical records. We use this expertise to carefully harvest the critical information required so that you are fairly and accurately represented.  We’ll use all of the professionalism, confidentiality, integrity and caring that nurses bring to their profession in our role as your representative.

We want to improve access to justice for people like you.  In fact, the word ‘optio’ is Latin for “the right of the hero to choose their reward”.  You have fought a long, hard battle.  We understand that. Now we’re here to help you collect your reward so that you can get on with your life.