The Optio Group

The Optio Group, a division of Connect Medical Legal Experts Inc., is a national network of Registered Nurses and Doctors with extensive medical and legal expertise.
  • Since 2001, we have been helping lawyers, hospitals and corporations with medical malpractice, personal injury and class action lawsuits
  • In that time we've established ourselves as excellent, unbiased, trusted experts
  • For the past 13 years we have provided support on multiple medical class actions in Canada and the United States
  • All of our staff are experts in their field and have a minimum of 10 years experience. Our average is over 25 years.
  • At any time we have 150 doctors and nurses providing unbiased expertise/support
  • We train nurses and other healthcare professionals on how to avoid litigation by focusing on patient safety and patient centered care
Nurses are one of the most trusted professions in the world - we are here to help you!
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